A serial about love, friendship and magic by Samantha Lucas

The complete first season of Samantha Lucas’ Rockin the Springs, will be available soon!

Step inside the Disney bubble and meet four best friends navigating their way through real life, real relationships, and the real friendships they count on when life at Disney isn’t all fantasy.

Our favorite unsolicited review so far: “Oh my gosh. I want to hate you!!! I love this so much already I can’t get any work done!!! I keep stopping to read!!!”

*Reader Advisory: These books are intended for Mature Audiences. There is some adult language, sexiness, and adult situations (ie – life!)

They are not intended for those under 16.

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Book 1 – Sex & the Springs

A regular rooftop Girls’ Night becomes the spot for debate as the girls argue the merits of sex, with or without love.

Then an encounter with a sexy guitarist leaves Cami breathless and asking if real magic actually exists in the most magical place on earth.

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Book 2 – Of Blogs & Bloggers

Cami learns of the cutthroat side of the Disney bloggerverse and worries she’s not cut out for this world at all.

Cami and Mak head to Disney Springs to gain intel on a couple of musicians. While Summer swears off musicians permanently.

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Book 3 – Sex & The Married Guy

An invitation for dinner starts with a naked man, turns a corner at polyamory, and has all the girls arguing if the elusive one ever really existed at all.

Cami questions whether or not Rafe is really in the relationship with her, or just playing her along.

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Book 4 – Almost 30

Cami and the girls head out for a night at the Spring’s hottest hot spot, but another accidental run in with Nic has Cami looking for air and ending up in the arms of Hunter.

She has trouble taking him seriously, though, once she realizes their age difference.

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Books 1 – 4 all together for your weekend binge.

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Book 5 – Feminine Persuasion

Cami and Cleo spend an unforgettable night at Juerga where destiny, magic, and possible insanity collide in an unavoidable way.

Cleo admits to using her sexuality to make more money. And Summer is given a seductive offer that would change the trajectory of her life permanently.

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Book 6 – Keeping Secrets

Cami’s romantic trip to Pittsburgh turns into anything but. 

In the end, the only question that matters is can she live with Rafe keeping secrets?

Especially when the secret is her.

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Book 7 – The Other Woman

Cami is rattled when she bumps into Nic’s other life.

To help her cope, the girls stage an intervention and hit the Springs ready to conquer all.

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Book 8 – 3

Cami’s best friend from her married life shows up, now divorced, and asks her to fulfill a ten year fantasy with him and any woman of her choosing.

The girls help her make the decision by sharing their own stories about why they have, or have not, gone adventurous in the bedroom.

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Book 9 – Kissing Frogs

Cami considers a marriage proposal from her gay friend who’s hoping to pull a fast one on his dying grandmother.

The girls visit Fairvilla in Orlando with the hopes of spicing up their sex lives.

Cami runs into Nic and has a frank and flirty discussion about the bedroom.

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Book 10 – A Perfect Wedding

Summer is planning the wedding of one of her high school rivals and begs the girls to help her outshine the bride.

Mak is concerned that she missed her opportunity for wedded bliss by not marrying her high school sweetheart.

Cami relives all the reasons why her marriage didn’t work and vows to never get into a serious relationship again.

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Book 11 – Sexual Realities

After Cleo admits to not having had sex with anything other than her vibrator for the last three years, the girls set out to make her feel better by sharing their worst sex stories.

A late night run in with Nic has Cami wondering if it’s all as bleak as it seems, or is there such a thing as sex with the “right” guy.

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Book 12 – Spirituality & The Springs

The girls go on a road trip to Cassadaga for psychic readings, but a happening in the hotel has Cami questioning her destiny and her love life.

Summer falls for a guy who’s everything she ever wanted, but his religious ideals may be too much for her to overlook.

The girls return to Cocoa Beach for a farewell to summer celebration and are surprised to run into Nic.